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Nov. 24th, 2020

Chandra Suresh - chandra_suresh
Nathan Petrelli - dapper_gents
Dr. Peter Petrelli - drpeterpetrelli Dr. P is a psycho/sociopathic psychiatrist who has as much fun fucking with his patients minds as he does curing them.  He also has a "side hobby" of dissecting people while they're still alive.
Peter Petrelli - fixthepast Future version (Five Years Gone or later) of Peter.
Peter Petrelli - impeterpetrelli Usually played as a s1 version of Peter.
Peter Petrelli - vampire_peter This version of Peter comes from an alternate world where vampires are in control and humans are slaves.  The world is also semi-Victorian in setting. The vampire with the most powers/best family name is in charge of the country.  Nathan is vampire_sylar's second in command and has tried to assassinate him many times unsuccessfully.
Noah Bennet - mrmorallygray
Sylar - talldarknpsycho
Sylar - vampire_sylar  </lj>The vampire equilivant of the President of the USA on their world. Hates vPeter with a vengence, hates vNathan even more.

American Horror Story:
Moira O'Hara - redheaded_moira
Patrick - leathernotlatex
Lana Winters - lana_winters

Annie Walker - kittenheelannie Covert Affairs
Nina Theroux - nina_theroux Alphas
Victor Bayne - victhepsycop From the Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price. Awesome book series!

Characters I have but don't really play anymore for various reasons:
Astrid Farnsworth - astridnotaster Fringe
Peter Bishop - loveyouwalter Fringe
Kathrine Pierce - kattehebil The Vampire Diaries
Spock - mirror_spock Mirror universe Spock
Nyota Uhura - nu_uhura 2009 Uhura
River Tam - rivers_grace Firefly
I should be doing this on my main account but poor Peter doesn't get much posting.

What's your name?: Kel Johnson

Your Sign: Aquarius in the Year of the Monkey. *snorts*

Where do you live?: Minnesota

Do you have a job?: No but I am looking and I'm trying my hand at writing a book.

How much RP experience do you have?: Over 10 years. I started on pencil and paper AD&D with some friends but it wasn't an always thing, usually when we were bored and wanted something to do. I didn't get into online until just a few years ago and I love it. I've met some really great people through online playing.

What are your feelings about shipping?: I'm late coming to the game and I don't ship a lot but there are certain characters that just call to me. Anyone who knows me knows who that is. LOL Otherwise, I don't ship for ship's sake. There has to be some real chemistry for me to even notice a ship, I do not have ship goggles and just don't get it sometimes. As for other people shipping, I won't ever tell them they're wrong. I might find a ship squicky but if that's what someone likes, then good for them. I won't ever bash someone for who they like and I hate people that do that. It's stupid.

What are your feelings about smut?: I love smut, I have absolutely no problem playing it. That being said, I can't just play it with anyone. If I've just met you, I don't want to play smut with you, give me a chance to get to know you first. Otherwise, I'll feel really uncomfortable with it and won't have as much fun. Also, as much as I like smut, that's not all I want to play. I'd much rather have plot over smut. It's like a good book. Give me the story, throw some smexy hotness in there once in awhile, let the characters grow. That's what I like.

Are there things you won't RP?: Underage stuff, usually (and I do mean underage, like under 15 type stuff), but other than that, no. I'm pretty open but some things I'd only play with people I know well. I also won't let people tell me how to play my character. I learned that lesson the hard way and I won't ever do it again.

What are your favorite things to RP?: Story! I love having a vague idea of what I want to see happen and just letting it flow with no idea of what's going to happen or what to do next. I love surprising my character (and the people I play with) with what comes next. I also love hurt/comfort storylines, there's just something about seeing how different characters react to those kinds of situations that I love watching.

What's something you wished would get RPed more?: I don't know. The people I play with are so good, there's not much I want to see that's not being done already. I think I'd have to stick with the character arcs, seeing more of them grow.

Are you plot driven?: Not totally. I like a light outline, and idea, of what we want to do but I like giving my muses free reign, let them act like...normal people would in the same situation.

Slow or fast tagger: Usually fast but there are times where I just get brain dead and take forever to tag. I feel bad about that but I know my friends understand, they go through the same things too.

Who are your active Fandoms? Heroes (which I wish was more active), American Horror Story, some Star Trek and I just got into a Heroes/Firefly crossover.

Your favorite muses to write?: I don't write much for my muses but I kind of want to change that. Sometimes the boys get mad at me because they feel ignored (the girls too). It might help getting my writing juices back.

Why did you start RPing? Why do you RP?: When I first started, it was just something to do with friends. When I got started online, it was because I was looking for something fun to do. I got pulled in but ran into some people that weren't the best for me. Because of them though, I meet some truly wonderful, loving people and now I play because it's fun and I enjoy spending time with my friends again.
I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. so, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. only one word please. then repost so i can leave a word for you. don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!

taken from [info]rodlox


I come from an alternate universe where vampires are the dominate species and humans are slaves. Your family name means everything, the Petrelli name being one of the highest regarded. Names and abilities equal power and the stronger you are, the higher on the political ladder you are. The ruler of my area (what this world calls a country) is Sylar. Even though he had no name to get him up the political ladder, his unique power allowed him to take command, much to the hatred of my family and the other families.

I was the black sheep of the family because I wanted to free the humans, not make them slaves. None of the vampires wanted that and my family tried to control me but I fought back the best I could. Nathan especially was tough on me, very tough. My kind aren't necessarily a loving kind and bruises and worse were the norm when Nathan...disciplined me. My parents were angry that I was trying to change things, they had hoped I would follow in Nathan's footsteps, especially considering my power is stronger than his.

Being pulled into this world has been hard but I'm slowly getting used to it.  It really helped when I ran into Gabriel.  I'd been trying to find my place in the world (this one and back home) and not having any luck but I finally did with Gabriel.  He's showed me how to be myself, how not to try and hide what I am.  I may not want humans as slaves but I'm still a predator, I need to feed.  Okay, so maybe his power's helped me some too with that but probably not that much.  There is no one I'd rather be with than Gabriel and I don't care if that does make me sappy.  He makes me happy and whole.



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