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vampire_peter's Journal

21 December
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I come from an alternate universe where vampires are the dominate species and humans are slaves. Your family name means everything, the Petrelli name being one of the highest regarded. Names and abilities equal power and the stronger you are, the higher on the ladder you are. The ruler of my area (what this world calls a country) is Sylar. Even though he had no name to get him up the political ladder, his unique power allowed him to take command, much to the hatred of my family and the other families.

I was the black sheep of the family because I wanted to free the humans, not make them slaves. None of the vampires wanted that and my family tried to control me but I fought back the best I could. Nathan especially was tough on me, very tough. My kind aren't necessarily a loving kind and bruises and worse were the normal when Nathan...disciplined me. My parents were angry that I was trying to change things, they had hoped I would follow in Nathan's footsteps, especially considering my power is stronger than his.